Real Estate Wholesalers: Submit Multiple Offers a Week Using This Surefire Technique

Real Estate Wholesalers: Submit Multiple Offers a Week Using This Surefire Technique

If you are a real estate wholesaler, you might be struggling tto make enough offers to have a sufficient number of wholesale properties to pass onto your cash buyers list.  You might not have a solution to allow you the opportunity to make multiple offers a week on properties to arrive at a property under contract.  The fact is if you have a system in place, you can stream line the offer making process.

Many of us feel that we are the only ones who need to make everything happen and do all of the work.  If we don’t do it, who will?  Why should I pay someone else when I can do it myself?  The best advise I can offer is you need to pull yourself out of the day to day grunt work and establish a team that you can manage.  You will get more offers out and have more wholesale properties to make money off of  as you pass them onto cash buyers.  You must leverage other peoples time and resources to be successful in wholesaling real estate.

I know it is scary to think of real estate this way, due to the fact we are giving up control and trusting  someone else to have the same goals and objectives as us.  Am I right??  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  It is one of the most common factors that holds real estate wholesalers back from rreally reaching their full potential for income.  Just think, if you have someone doing the low dollar an hour jobs and you focus on the higher ticket jobs, you are really maximizing the amount of cash flow your real estate wholesale business can bring in per month.

An additional reason why you want to outsource certain jobs in real estate wholesaling is that the person you are bringing on can bring additional resources, experience, and business connections to your real estte wholesaling business.  Essentially, you are piggy backing off of their time in the real estate industry or their experience in other aspects of business that will compliment what you are trying to accomplish with real estate wholesaling.  For example, a real estate agent  who works with real estate investors knows the sweet spots where other real estate investors are buying or even have a few cash buyers who might be interested in your wholesale properties.  In most cases, they have a team of real estate professionals who can help close these wholesale properties and other types of investment properties.  After all, if they have this team in place, they are going to be able to close more deals faster, thus they can make more money faster too.  It is their motivator and the driver that keeps them working hard for you as a real estate wholesaler.  Likewise, you  will find other real estate professionals with similar objectives and resources as you.

I learned this the heard way folks.  I thought I had to be the person doing everything.  The fact is my real estate wholesale business suffered from me thinking that I was good at everything and that I was the crucial nugget to success.  I was not.  I had a heart to heart with my business partner, she sat me down and said “you need to outsource these things, so we can do more deals and make more money.  Guess what I did, I actually found key people to inset into my business and I managed the system.  You know what happened.  I found more deals, rehabbed more deals, and made more money.  Folks, you can make more money wholesaling real estate if you out source and leverage other people’s time & resources.

The people to make sure you include on your team are investor friendly agents.  They will always be looking for properties that meet your investment criteria and help to stream line the process to make multiple offers a week.  We want them to be willing to make aggressive offers on the properties, so we can get them for wholesale values to pass onto our cash buyers.   They  have to share the same goals and understanding of real estate investing as you.  I have a book titled “Surefire Techniques to Finding Investor Friendly Real Estate Agents”, which discusses the key elements that you need to look for in a real estate agents. If you want to learn more about finding investor friendly real estate agents, you can get my book at

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