Mobile Home Investors: Learn Why Mobile Home Park Owners Want Mobile Home Investors to Buy In Their Park

Mobile Home Investors: Learn Why Mobile Home Park Owners Want Mobile Home Investors to Buy In Their Park
Mobile Home Park Managers Want to Work With Mobile Home Investors!!

Mobile Home Park Managers Want to Work With You!!

It might seem crazy to say this, but many mobile home park owners are turning to mobile home investors for help in filling their vacant lots, help with rehabbing abandoned mobile homes, and help them keep mobile homes in their park by buying them from mobile home sellers.  I will address why they are willing to work with mobile home investors in a two part blog.  In this blog post, I will address why there is a lack of supply of mobile homes and why mobile home park owners don’t want to own park owned homes.

One of the biggest challenges that mobile home park owners face right now is vacant lots and a lack of available mobile homes to move into those vacant lots.  The quantity of mobile homes available for a mobile home buyer to buy has decreased a lot over the last few years.  One reason is that the number of mobile homes produced has decreased considerably over the last few years, due to the lack of financing available for retail buyers to buy a new mobile home and move it into a mobile home park.  Also, the retail buyer is having a harder time qualifying for the financing that is available for these new mobile homes.  A lot of the older mobile homes have been scrapped by mobile home park owners & mobile home owners.  Many of the older mobile homes that were scrapped had deteriorated beyond the value of the mobile home to address the repairs.
Mamy of the mobile home parks nationwide face fierce competition to keep mobile homes in their parks, due to the lack of supply.  If a mobile home park manager is not on top of what is occuring in their park or friendly with the mobile home park tenants, they will miss out on opportunities to help prevent tenants from selling their mobile homes to people who will move them out or the tenant from moving it out themselves.  There are a lot of mismanaged mobile home parks nationwide and these parks are the ones with the most vacant lots.  They will be the most motivated to work with mobile home investors when they want to try and turn the park around.  Many of these mobile home park owners do not want to have park owned homes, because of the increased expenses to rent those out to tenants and the additional management needed to turn these rentals around.
As you can see, there are some real big reasons why mobile home park owners are more motivated and interested in working with mobile home investors now than ever before.  I was just talking with a regional manager for one of the largest mobile home park owners in the Nation and he said their company loves working with mobile home investors, because we help make thier lives easy and keep their mobile home parks full and profitable.  He even proceeded to tell me all about their moving a mobile home into their mobile home park incentives for mobile home investors.  It is a pretty slick program that definitely has the mobile home park invested along with the mobile home investor in moving in and keeping that mobile home in that park.
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