Finding Cash Buyers for Your Wholesale Deals Part 2

Finding Cash Buyers for Your Wholesale Deals Part 2
Building a Cash Buyers List

Building a Cash Buyers List

In this part, we are going to focus primarily on search engines to find cash buyers, rehabbers, wholesalers, and just simply real estate investors.  Did you know that a majority of all people shopping for homes today whether to buy or rent will go online first to start their search?  The numbers are insane.  There are so many people using online tools to find their next place that we would be great fools if we chose to look elsewhere.  HEY…but you said we were going to look for cash buyers, wholesalers, rehabbers, and real estate investors not the people buying from them……yes…..let’s see if one of these groups is going to effectively hit their target audience they need to be online and marketing right…to their target audience to be competitive in their local market!!!  So, we are using their marketing to find them!!!  Get it!!!  Yes, we make it very easy and like to work smarter than harder.

So, where do real estate investors, wholesalers, rehabbers, and cash buyers market to attract their buyers and renters?  Well we don’t even need to know that….we have a search engine that can help us figure that out and bring it all back to one spot.  Now, not just any type of search will do.  You want to work smarter rather than harder right, so you need to search using certain keywords the real estate investors use to advertise. Let’s go through a list of some of the words they might use.  Oh and a quick reminder, these keywords are what real estate investors use in their marketing to find seller and buyers. 

Sellers   Buyers
We Buy Houses Lease Option
Cash for Houses Rent to Own
We Take Over Payments Seller Financing
Stop Foreclosure Owner Will Carry
Fast Closings No Banks Needed
We Buy Houses Fast Financing Available
We Buy Houses for Cash Bad Credit, No Problem
Behind on Payments? $XXX down/$XXX month
Avoid Foreclosure Why Rent, When Can Own!

These are all headlines or “buzz words” they will use in their different online advertisements.  In addition to those, you might find that they will also advertise to sellers using these buzz words:  Fixer Upper, Handyman Special, TLC, Wholesale Property or Wholesale Properties, and Completely Remodeled. 

In order to continue working smarter and not harder, let me show you how to perform a search on google, yahoo, and bing with better results.  The group of words introduced above will need to be enclosed in quotation marks to keep the words together in the search.  For example, if we wanted to search for the phrase WE BUY HOUSES, we would enter it into the search box in this way “We Buy Houses”.  The quotation marks helps that whole keyword phrase stay together and return only those results.  Now, if we want to make it specific to a particular location for instance, Philadelphia, PA we would put quotations marks around it too and link the two sets of words together with a plus symbol.  For example, we would type this into the search box “We Buy Houses” + “Philadelphia, PA”.  We would find the search results to have we buy houses and philadelphia pennsylvania ties together in the first sets fo search results.  Again we save time because we focus on our area and our target audience in the search.  We can interchange the keywords too.  For example, we want to search for Lease Options just in Pennsylvania then we would type into the search box “Lease Option” + “Pennsylvania”.  See how this can be interchanged and used to get more dialed in results for our area? 

You will find that your search results will contain online classified ads, yellow page listings, blog posts, websites, social networking listings, discussion threads, online videos, photos, and much more.  Hopefully, you can see how powerful and easily you can build your cash or investor buyers list.  You will just need to jot down their contact information and follow up with them after that.

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  • Dan Anderson says:

    Thank you again! Very genius on how you go about building a buyer list, using. the information highway to do all the work for you. I will put this in motion. You guys are good. Dan

    • admin says:

      Thank you Dan for your comment. We appreciate the feedback about the information we provide. We hope we continue to offer your information that will help you grow your real estate investing business.

  • Janos Sztojka says:

    Hello I wood like to learn more if you able to personal coach me let me now
    Im ready to work out the monthly plane

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