Finding Cash Buyers for your Wholesale Deals Part 1

Finding Cash Buyers for your Wholesale Deals Part 1
Finding Cash Buyers to Build Your Buyers List for Real Estate Investing

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There are a variety of different ways to find real estate investors, rehabbers, wholesalers, and cash buyers for your wholesale real estate deals. No matter, if you are just getting started in real estate or a seasoned real estate investor you can use these techniques to find buyer for your wholesale property deals. We will focus on creative ways to find cash buyers, rehabbers, and wholesalers for your wholesale properties. Here are some of the techniques you could use to build a buyers list: Section 8 Landlord List – Any local housing authority will have a list of the available properties that qualify for section 8 housing vouchers. You will find the property address, contact name and phone number for each of these properties. These people are landlords and real estate investors. Many of these people are looking to buy more rental properties right now. You will want to focus on properties on this list that are single family homes, duplexes, triplex, and fourplexes. MLS Relisted Properties – Real estate agents have access to the Multiple Listing Service AKA MLS. They can do a variety of different searches for you. One of the searches can be for properties that are sold and relisted for list prices that are more than the original list price with the keywords remodeled or updated in the comments or remarks section. You will find the address and you can cross reference that with the county records to find the owners name and address. You can then take that information to google or reverse search on white pages to find their phone number. MLS Sold Properties – Real Estate agents can also do a search on the MLS for properties that have sold for cash. These are real estate investors and cash buyers. We can get a great list from our agents to pursue. We will get the proeprty address and we can then take that information back to the courthouse records in that area and find the name and address for the real estate investor on that property. Driving Areas & Looking at Properties For Sale – When you are out looking for properties you can find real estate investors, rehabbers, and wholesalers in these areas if you keep your eyes open. As you start going into different areas you are going to see properties go on and back off and back on the market for sale. If the property looks like it is being rehabbed, you have a very high probability of it being a real estate investor, rahbbers, or wholesalers project. I have walked up to the workers on the project. Many times I have spoken to the rehabber themselves or met the contractor on the project who gave me the rehabbers contact information. Even if they did not give me the rehabbers contact information, I have acquired enough information to know that it is a property owned by a rehabber. In some cases, I will see it has a for sale by owner sign, I will take own that information and call on that property. Majority of the time, I will talk directly with the rehabber. If it is listed by a real estate agent, I will take that property address and go back to the courthouse and look up the property address to gain the owners information and their mailing address. Driving Areas & Calling on Properties For Rent – When you are out looking for properties you can find real estate investors, rehabbers, and wholesalers in these areas if you keep your eyes open. As you start going into different areas you are going to see properties for rent. No matter if it is listed for rent by a property management company or a private party sign, I call and ask them questions about the property. In some cases, it is a private retail property owner, but many times I find that it is an investor who buys and rents properties in that area. The best part is that now I know what areas they are looking to buy in and what types of properties they are looking for. Courthouse Research: Tax Deeds & Tax Lien Certificates – the county courthouse has wealth of information and many oportnities to find cash buyers, wholesalers, and rehabbers. One way to find these real estate investors is to look for tax deeds or tax lien certifcates recorded in your county courthouse land records department. Why? These are cash buyers and can be great keads to build your buyers list. You will want the parties that have multiple entries in these records. You will find their name and mailing address on these documents. You can do a google search or reverse search on whitepages for their name. Courthouse Research: Sheriffs Deed or Trustees Deed – again we are back in the county courthouse looking for more documents. We are looking for TRustees Deeds or Sheriffs Deeds. You want documents that have grantee, mortgagee, or benficiary listed as a private name, trust, or a small LLC. Basically, any name is okay as long as it is not a bank. You will want to collect their name and mailing address. Obviously, you will prefer to collect the names of buyers who have done multiple deals. Courthouse Research: Quit Claim Deed – At the courthouse, you will find that people also record quit claim deeds too for a variety of different reasons such as: Divorce, Name Change, Estate Purposes, and Real Estate Investing. So, it is not a full proof approach, but it is a great way to find rehabbers and other real estate investors. You will look for people doing these quit claim deeds over and over again. You will want to collect thier name and mailing address. In some cases, you will actually find two real estate investors in your area, due to a wholesaler selling the property to another real estate investor. Some times, you will find that the investor will buy the property in their name and then quit claim the property to their LLC or Trust. Now, you have two names and mailing addresses to try and contact these people. You will want to collect their name and mailing address, so you can do a google search or reverse search on whitepages. These are just a sampling of some of the many ways your can find rehabbers, wholesalers, real estate investors, and cash buyers. We will continue with other techniques in the Finding Cash Buyers for your Wholesale Deals Part 2 post.

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