Find Cash Buyers Using Your Linkedin Account

Find Cash Buyers Using Your Linkedin Account

I have used Linkedin to build my real estate investing and real estate wholesaling business.  It has become an amazing opportunity to network with private money lender sources, hard money lender sources, hedge fund sources, investor friendly real estate agent sources, other cash buyers, real estate wholesalers,  asset managers, and contractors.  I wanted to share some of the techniques I have used to find cash buyers and building your network on LinkedIn.

You must make sure your profile stands out.  You should upload a professional picture and make sure your profile clearly states some of the following:   We buy houses, real estate wholesaler, real estate investor, your business name, cash for houses, etc.  The purpose of this approach is to let people know clearly what you do and why they should connect with you.

You should join a few real estate geared groups on LinkedIn.  The reason why you join these groups is to make yourself visible and connected to a like minded group of people.

In the group, look for members who are actively posting in the discussion section that they are looking or properties to buy or they are responding to others who have properties listed for sale.  Check out their profile and make sure they are someone who is an active investor in our target areas.  We are looking for cash buyers, so we want to build our network to be full of cash buyers who are looking for properties to rehab and sell or investment properties.  Many of the serious cash buyers in your area will be actively posting and responding to discussion threads and readily offering contact information for the poster to get information back to them quickly, even if they are not part of each others network.  It is another great way to gain access to an ever growing and active list of cash buyers on linkedin.

Next, you will reach out to people associated with the group.  The way that you reach out to them should go like this:  Hi, I am a fellow member of “group name here”.  I see that you are involved in real estate.  I would like to learn how we can help each other.  Please accept my network request.  I look forward to working together.

An additional way to build your cash buyers list on linkedin is to post in the group discussions that you have wholesale properties or investment properties for sale in a respective area.  You will have the local cash buyers responding to your post asking for more information.

I have found that linkedin is an amazing source of cash buyers nationwide, if you will build your cash buyers list and network correctly.  If you don’t follow some o the guidelines that I have outlined here, you stand the chance of your account on linkedin being locked down or shut down for abuse and spam.


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