Fastest Way to Build a Cash Buyers List – Sure Fire Technique

Fastest Way to Build a Cash Buyers List – Sure Fire Technique
Build a Buyers List FAST

Build a Buyers List FAST

Many new real estate investors or seasoned investors entering a new market struggle to build a cash buyers list to flip wholesale real estate deals.  It is absolutely crucial for any property finders or real estate bird dogs to build a cash buyers list as quickly as they can, so they can start making money on their wholesale  real estate deals.  There are a lot of different techniques you can use to start building a cash buyers list, but one technique will help you build your cash buyers list faster than the rest. 

Before we discuss this technique, we need to identify the keywords that all real estate investors/ cash buyers will use to market their business.  Many of the real estate investors/cash buyers we focus on will be marketing to find motivated sellers, advertise properties they are offering lease options or seller financing on, properties they are looking to rent or properties they are looking to wholesale.  Here are some of the keywords that they will most commonly used in their advertisements. 

Motivated Sellers: We Buy Houses, Cash for Houses, Behind on Payments, Avoid Foreclosure, Stop Foreclosure, Cash Offers

Seller Financing to buyers:  Financing Available, No Banks Needed, Owner Will Carry, Seller Financing, Bad Credit Okay, No Credit Okay, No Credit No Problem, Bad Credit No Problem

Lease Option to buyers:  Lease Option, Rent to Own, Lease to Purchase, Financing Available, No Banks Needed, Bad Credit Okay, No Credit Okay, No Credit No Problem, Bad Credit No Problem

Selling Wholesale Properties: Wholesale Real Estate, Wholesale Properties, Discount Real Estate, Discount Properties, Cheap Houses, Cash Buyers, Investment Properties, Income Property, Fixer Upper, Handyman Special, TLC Needed

A combination of these keywords can be placed in a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo) to bring back results for cash buyers/real estate investors.  In order to narrow down the results you might try doing your search by putting quotes around the keywords listed above and then an addition sign in between and the quotes around the location you are trying to find cash buyers. An example of this for Tampa, Florida would look like this “we buy houses” + ” Tampa, FL” .  It will help drill down the results so you are only looking at leads that are in your local area.

One word of warning, there are many nationwide organizations that may show up in these search results.  If you do not see that they have a local office location or a local phone number then you know they are a nation wide organization.  The results will be a combination of blogs, websites, classified ads, online videos, newspaper ads, social network postings and discussion forum threads.  You might find that one cash buyer is posting their informaiton in a variety of different locations, so you will want to be aware of this fact.  It is in your best interest to track the contact information for each of the cash buyers you find, so you can follow up with them. 

It is always best to capture a phone number, so we can be proactive and give them a call right away.  We will be able to qualify and confirm that they are a good cash buyer.  You will want to qualify them.  Make sure you have a clear understanding of what they are looking to invest in, so you can start looking for wholesale deals that meet their criteria.  It will enable you to make money as a real estate bird dog or property finder that much sooner. 


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