Creating Effective Bandit Signs

Creating Effective Bandit Signs

Bandit signs are one of the best ways to find motivated sellers and credit challenged buyers.  You can use these signs to convey short targeted messages to your target audience.  You will place these bandit signs in locations that are outlined in my article “Bandit Sign Placement  that Gets the Phone Ringing”  to get the best results. 

I discuss the options you have to gain a business phone number in the article “Business Set Up for New Real Estate Investors”.  For now, let’s discuss how to make your bandit signs and what to put on them. 

You can take a very economical approach to putting your bandit signs together by using posterboard, black permanent marker, wooden stake or metal wire.  I recommend a fluorescent colored posterboard such as yellow, green, pink, and orange. You can use a bright yellow or even white.  You can get posterboard at your local dollar store.  It will not withstand the elements real well, but it is inexpensive to start advertising this way and inexpensive to replace.  You can attach the two posterboard signs to the wood stake via staples, nails, or gorilla tape.  You want to make sure that the sign will not curl or bend and remain attached to the stake, so your sign is seen by all who pass. Gorilla tape can be found at any home improvement store or places like Walmart. 

  I recommend using the largest point permanant marker you can find.  I recommend the Sharpie Magnum or Avery Marks Alot Jumbo Chisel Tip.  They are water resistent and dry quickly. You can pick up these markers at any arts and crafts store.   

The wooden stakes I mentioned can be found at any home improvement store in the lunber section.  It will be a 1″x1″ piece of wood with a angled cut on one end, so it can easily be hammered into the ground.  If you choose to go after the metal wire for your frame, you can get these in rolls at your local home improvement or local hardware store.  You will need tin snips to cut the wire.  You will get thick enough wire guage that is sturdy enough to hold the sign up in a wind storm, but thin enough you can cut with tin snips and bend.  You will bend the wire so you can put two ends into the ground and attach the two signs to each side of the middle of the wire. 

In a lot of cases, you will post these up in our target areas on Friday afternoon and remove them on Sunday evening.  If the weather forecast looks like it is going to have any precipitation, you might decide to not put them up that weekend.   I have found that I will be one of the few people who put mine up during this time and I get more calls, so it is up to you.  I will lose a few signs, but it is worth it for the amount of calls I receive. 

Before you attach the sign to the stake or wire frame, you will want to write your message on the posterboard.  If you are targeting motivated sellers, you will want to wire some of these messages on your signs:

  • We Buy Houses
  • Cash for Houses, Any Condition/Any Area
  • We Buy “As-Is” Houses

If you are targetting buyers that have credit problems, you will most likely be offering them a lease option or seller financing.  In that case, you might write on your signs the following to build a buyers list:

  • Rent to Own, #beds/#baths
  • $down/$month, #beds/#baths
  • Owner will Carry, $down/$month
  • Seller Financing, #beds/#baths

You will want to fill in the number of beds and baths as well as the amount down and per month for your specific property.  In addition to those, you will want to make sure that you have your phone number written with large legible numbers on the sign too. 

The dimensionns of your bandit signs should be 18″x24″ for roads where people will be driving by at 25-40 MPH.  It is the easiest size to see and the most effective sign size.  You can use the 12″x18″ for bandit signs that are going to be placed at stop signs & lights and off ramps.  You will want to place no more than 20-30 bandit signs spread out over a given area.  You don’t want to over saturate a given area with too many bandit signs or else you will have issues with them being taken down and violating local sign ordances. 

I recommend tracking where you are placing your signs each week, so you can go back and idenitfy where you are losing signs.  It will help you identify where your callers are finding your signs to call you.  It will help you focus on your most successful placement of your signs. 

Keep in mind, you will find that you need to be consistent and persistent with your bandit sign placement.  You will need to log which sign phrases and placement brings back the best results for you. If you do these things, you will have great ongoing success with your bandit signs. 


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