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Can You Really Wholesale Real Estate In Any Real Estate Market?

I decided to write this post due to what I have seen in the markets I have been in this month.  I have been in Calgary, AB, London,ON, Honolulu, HI, and Vancouver, BC.  These markets are still appreciating, fast moving markets (90 days or less), and high price point areas.  Most of my clients in these markets were skeptical if wholesaling could still work in their market.

Here is what we did.  We kept the same criteria that we use in any real estate market to find distressed proeprties.  Therefore we were looking for entry level homes, with at least 3 bedrooms, with a price reduction, sitting on the market for longer than average days on market, needing repairs, and seller must be motivated to sell.  We looked in areas where investors were buying and able to resell for a profit of $30k -$40k, due to higher price point of homes.

We found some investor friendly real estate agents who brought us some great pocket listings that met our investment criteria exactly.   These investment properties were in either distressed condition or had a seller with a distressed situation.  They were priced aggressively in the current market and had plenty of room in there for a fix and resell for After Repair Value.

Here are some examples from these markets of what these investor friendly real estate agents found for us.

  • Honolulu, HI:  Property was listed for $479,000 with $25,000 in repairs needed and ARV of $600,000.
  • Calgary, AB:  Property was listed for $469,000 with $30,000 in repairs needed and an ARV of $750,000
  • Vancouver, BC:  Property was listed at $489,000 with $40,000 in repairs needed and an ARV of $700,000 now and potential to be up to $900,000 when train station nearby is finished.

Do we really care what an investment property is listed for?  The correct answer is no, we really don’t care except to determine the sellers level of motivation to sell.  Each of these properties had a motivated seller who priced the properties aggressively in the market to sell it quickly.  The property in Calgary, AB was recently reduced with a seller wanting to close in 2 weeks.  It had sat vacant, but full of stuff for over 4 months.  The seller had moved to a diferent country and needed to sell fast.  The house needed updates and higher end finishes to sell it for the $750,000 ARV price.  The house in Honolulu, HI was an estate sale with a squatter that needed to be evicted.  It had sat on the market for a few months with a recent price reduction.  The property needed updates and freshning up.  It also had 2 units that could be rented out or one occupied and the other rented out.  The Vancouver, BC property was an estate sale as well.  The property needed to be cleaned out of personal effects (mostly shoes), updated, and cleaned up.  It was around he corner frrom a new commuter line for the train into downtown Vancouver, which made it a very desireable location.  Each of these investment properties  had plenty of room in the deal for costs to close & hold, to cover repairs, and provide ample profit for a cash buyer in that area.

It was fun when we ran the numbers and my fellow newbie investors saw that they could wholesale properties to cash buyers in their area.  It was a great eye opening expereince for them and proved that you can really wholesale properties in any real market as long as you have cash buyers and you find motivated sellers.

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Real Estate Wholesalers: Submit Multiple Offers a Week Using This Surefire Technique

If you are a real estate wholesaler, you might be struggling tto make enough offers to have a sufficient number of wholesale properties to pass onto your cash buyers list.  You might not have a solution to allow you the opportunity to make multiple offers a week on properties to arrive at a property under contract.  The fact is if you have a system in place, you can stream line the offer making process.

Many of us feel that we are the only ones who need to make everything happen and do all of the work.  If we don’t do it, who will?  Why should I pay someone else when I can do it myself?  The best advise I can offer is you need to pull yourself out of the day to day grunt work and establish a team that you can manage.  You will get more offers out and have more wholesale properties to make money off of  as you pass them onto cash buyers.  You must leverage other peoples time and resources to be successful in wholesaling real estate.

I know it is scary to think of real estate this way, due to the fact we are giving up control and trusting  someone else to have the same goals and objectives as us.  Am I right??  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  It is one of the most common factors that holds real estate wholesalers back from rreally reaching their full potential for income.  Just think, if you have someone doing the low dollar an hour jobs and you focus on the higher ticket jobs, you are really maximizing the amount of cash flow your real estate wholesale business can bring in per month.

An additional reason why you want to outsource certain jobs in real estate wholesaling is that the person you are bringing on can bring additional resources, experience, and business connections to your real estte wholesaling business.  Essentially, you are piggy backing off of their time in the real estate industry or their experience in other aspects of business that will compliment what you are trying to accomplish with real estate wholesaling.  For example, a real estate agent  who works with real estate investors knows the sweet spots where other real estate investors are buying or even have a few cash buyers who might be interested in your wholesale properties.  In most cases, they have a team of real estate professionals who can help close these wholesale properties and other types of investment properties.  After all, if they have this team in place, they are going to be able to close more deals faster, thus they can make more money faster too.  It is their motivator and the driver that keeps them working hard for you as a real estate wholesaler.  Likewise, you  will find other real estate professionals with similar objectives and resources as you.

I learned this the heard way folks.  I thought I had to be the person doing everything.  The fact is my real estate wholesale business suffered from me thinking that I was good at everything and that I was the crucial nugget to success.  I was not.  I had a heart to heart with my business partner, she sat me down and said “you need to outsource these things, so we can do more deals and make more money.  Guess what I did, I actually found key people to inset into my business and I managed the system.  You know what happened.  I found more deals, rehabbed more deals, and made more money.  Folks, you can make more money wholesaling real estate if you out source and leverage other people’s time & resources.

The people to make sure you include on your team are investor friendly agents.  They will always be looking for properties that meet your investment criteria and help to stream line the process to make multiple offers a week.  We want them to be willing to make aggressive offers on the properties, so we can get them for wholesale values to pass onto our cash buyers.   They  have to share the same goals and understanding of real estate investing as you.  I have a book titled “Surefire Techniques to Finding Investor Friendly Real Estate Agents”, which discusses the key elements that you need to look for in a real estate agents. If you want to learn more about finding investor friendly real estate agents, you can get my book at http://www.amazon.com/Surefire-Techniques-Investor-Friendly-ebook/dp/B00AEIZPWQ/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1355787080&sr=8-5&keywords=surefire+techniques

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Real Estate Wholesalers: There Are 3 Ways to Make Money With Cash Buyers
Wholesaling to Cash Buyers

Wholesaling to Cash Buyers

Most real estate wholesalers and cash buyers know of one main way to work profitably together, which is where  the real estate wholesaler finds a great wholesale property and passes it onto the cash buyer for a fee. Some of the most common ways that real estate wholesalers can pass on a wholesale property to a cash buyer for a fee is via Bird Dogging, Assignment of Contract, Selling an Entity, & Double Escrows.  A normal fee for passing a Bird Dog deal onto a Cash Buyer is $500 to $1000, an Assignment of Contract & Selling of an Entity will offer a fee of around $2500 to $5000, & Double Escrows for $10,000 and more. Most real estate wholesalers will stop making money with these techniques.  In my opinion they are leaving money on the table.

There are two additional ways that a real estate wholesaler can make money with a cash buyer.

  • One of the ways involves helping the cash buyer to make money from wholesale properties or just properties that do not meet their investment criteria.  Normally, these leads would just be left to the way side and nothing would be done with them.  Every serious cash buyer that is actively buying real estate will use a variety of different sources to market their properties for sale or rent as well as to find motivated sellers.  They will have a variety of leads coming in at any given time.  Many of these leads will not meet the cash buyers investment criteria, so they will let it go to the way side.  If they knew that they could profit from these leads with little to know effort and share some of the proceeds, they would be more than willing to do something with these motivated seller leads.
  • The other way is to help the cash buyer make money when they go to exit the property.  What do I mean?  Any of these cash buyers have a particular way that they make money in real estate.  It might be that the cash buyer will make money by fixing & selling to retail buyers, selling to credit challenged buyers, or renting it out.  In some cases, they will not be able to find these people or find them easily.  If you have these people lined up and can help the cash buyer make money on the execution of the deal, you can make money as the cash buyer is making their money.  You will provide a one stop solution for their real estate investing needs too.  You might be able to help them find the property and then help them find the end consumer who will pay for the property.

You are providing an additional service for them to be profitable faster.  Just like any other business, if you provide good quality services and products, you will keep your customers coming back and willing to pay more for your product.

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Real Estate Investors & Landlords: Are You Buying a “Grow House”? Learn The Signs & Problems To Be Aware Of

If you are a real estate investor, rehabber, or landlord, do you know how common grow houses are?  A total of 4,666 marijuana grow houses were busted in the U.S. in 2009, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration — just a tiny fraction of the number in operation, experts say.  Do you think grow houses are only found in low income neighborhoods?  You are mistaken if you think they occur only in poor areas.  Most of the grow houses I have come across were in the suburbs and in really nice neighborhoods, where we typically look for our investment properties.

I travel all over the country looking at investment properties.   Many of the investment properties we target are ones that need major repairs.  Mold is one of the condition factors we run into the most.  Recently, I have seen a lot more properties that were grow houses, so I have decided to help real estate investors, rehabbers, and landlords identify and stay away from these properties.  If you know what to look for, you can avoid some of the expensive and extensive repairs that are associated with these properties.

First, let’s discuss how you can spot a grow house.  There are a few key indicators that any real estate investor, rehabber, or landlord should look for in the property they are looking to buy as an investment property.  Here are a few indicators:

  • The house will have newspaper or other material over all of its windows, even tiny windows in the garage or second-floor foyer.  You might find them spray painted, covered in aluminum foil, or boarded up.
  • Often you will see additional wires leading up to the power line avoiding the meter, so they can avoid being identified on the grid by the police for excessive power usage and to avoid paying for all of the electricity they need to power their crop.
  • Many times the landscaping will not be maintained and it will become overgrown.
  • You will see odd and additional ventilation added to the area where the plants were being grown. In a lot of cases, the ventilation will be directed up into the attic, so they can prevent neighbors from smelling the crop outside the home.  For this purpose, there is going to be a lot of moisture retained in the property.
  • Due to the amount of moisture retained in the property, you will find abnormal and random occurrences of mold all throughout the home.  You will not see a set location and obvious water stain.  It will be on walls, ceilings, etc.
  • You will find red encased wiring coming into the home, specifically where the pot was being grown.  White and black encased wires are the norm throughout most properties.  Red encased wires are typically used for higher voltage purposes.
  • Many of these properties will have “hidden rooms”  where the pot was grown.
  • You will find water sources redirected to the area where the pot was grown.  I have seen hot water heaters with hoses and release valves soldered into the existing plumbing going out of it.
  • The house may be the only home in the neighborhood with security doors and bars on the windows.
  • There will be unusual wood stands built, tarps, or even just black circles on the floor where the pot was growing.
  • You will find shadows on the ceiling near where the joists or rafters are attached to the wall.  It will be a lot easier to see if the ceiling is painted white or a light color.
  • The property will tend to be just plain filthy with intense pet odors.

Next, I want to help you understand some of the issues that come with these properties.

  • Mold is one of the biggest and most common issues.  It is hard to fully assess the level of damage, so it is hard to gauge the level and degree of damage.  It can be an expensive issue to resolve when done on a large scale.  Often, the level of mold damage can be hidden by primer and paint.  I recommend getting a moisture meter in the property to evaluate the level of moisture in the air.  If the level of moisture is over 20%, you may want to walk away from that once upon a time grow house.
  • The wiring within the property will usually be altered by the pot growers, so they can avoid the meter on the property and run their grow lights. Basically, it creates a fire hazard throughout the property.  In fact, most of the grow houses are discovered when a fire occurs. I have seen wiring that was not up to code throughout many of the properties that appeared to be grow houses at one time.
  • I have seen holes cut into ceilings to direct ventilation for the grow room.
  • They tend to alter the duct work.
  • There are some cases where foundations have been altered too.

Hopefully, I have been able to shed some light on the condition factors you need to take into consideration when run into a grow house.  Additionally, I hope you can identify what are some of the indicators that the property was a grow house.  If you can identify the warning signs, you can better estimate the level and cost of repairs needed to resolve the issues in that investment property.  In most cases, it might just be safer to walk away.

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Cash Buyers: Are You Buying a Smelly Wholesale Property? Learn How to Remove Odors in Your Properties for Cheap


Remove Odors for Cheap

Remove Odors for Cheap

Over the years I have tried many different ways to remove nasty smells in my properties.   The worst and hardest smells to remove are those that come from pets.  These are some of the most difficult smells to fully remove from any property.  In a lot of cases, our wholesale properties will have quite a few issues wrong with them including dirt, grim, and mold.  

  • One of the first things you need to do is remove all of the carpet and padding out throughout the smelly house.  It will improve the quality of air quite quickly.  
  • You should change the furnace filter too. Normally,  it has captured quite a few odors and will spread those throughout the home when the heat is turned on or in some cases air conditioning is turned on.  
  • If you place dryer sheets in the air vents and turn the heat on after you have changed the furnace filter, you will be circulating nice clean smelling air throughout the house and back into the furnace via the return. 
  •  Next, you will make sure that you spread a generous amount of baking soda all throughout your smelly wholesale property.  You will let the baking soda stay on the surfaces of the home for at least a few days before you will vacuum ing it up.  It does a great job of absorbing odors, just like you would use in your refrigerator.  
  • You can use chemicals to help clean surfaces such as floors and countertops too, but these only do so much.  
  • There is a machine called an ozone machine that puts out ozone into the air throughout the home and cleans the air as it is doing it.  Ozone sanitizes by breaking down odors, microorganisms and other pollutants at their source.  The source of the odor has been permanently removed, instead of masking it like chemicals used to clean or deodorize.  It is something that you need to make sure you place in a closed windowed home over night and then come back in the morning and turn the machine off and air out the home.  The ozone in the home needs to be released form the home.  You will find that the air quality of the home will be greatly improved by using one of these machines too.  
  • In addition to using the ozone machine, you can use a primer such as Kilz on the exposed sub-floor that was let behind your carpet or other flooring removal.  It will help keep the odors from coming up through the flooring.  If you have a concrete floor, you can use garage paint which is epoxy and paint the floor where the flooring has been removed.  It will help keep he odors in the concrete from coming back up into the home and provide a surface to resist additional odors from seeping into the porous concrete.

These are just a few of the ways that you can eliminate the nasty smells that come with properties that have been sitting for a while and/or that have not been maintained.  It is a great and fast way to clean a property up and make it appealing to most people.  It is a very small cost investment to resolve a problem that deters most people.  

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Build A Cash Buyers List Using Bandit Signs

There are so many different ways to build a cash buyers list, infact I have quite a few other posts in this blog that introduce ways to find cash buyers, so you can check those out after you read this post.  I have applied each of these building a cash buyers list techniques in a variety of different real estate markets.  Infact, last week I was in Pittsburgh, PA and this week I am in Sacramento, CA.

One technique that I have started using recently is  having my real estate agent pull a list of properties that are currently sitting on the market in a particular area  for cash only as the type of terms or financing.  I will then make and place bandit signs in the areas around the property on the real estate agents list.  Why?  The cash buyers who are buying in this area are going to be going through this area to get to properties they are currently working on or looking to buy.  It is a great way to communicate to them and get them calling you. You want to make sure the sign placement is in areas where people are stopping or slowing down in that area.

So what the heck do you say on your bandit signs for cash buyers?  Here are some examples to try in your local market:

  • Fixer SFR 3/2 CASH 000-000-0000
  • Investment Property Cash Cow 000-000-0000
  • SFR 3/2 MOLD 000-000-0000
  • Turn Key Duplex CASH 000-000-0000

We phrase these bandit signs in such a way to draw the attention of cash buyers and not retail buyers.  The phrases that we use pre screen our callers to be cash buyers.  It is a great way to get cash buyers in a target area to start calling you and build your cash buyers list quickly.

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Wholesale Real Estate Investors & Rehabbers Use This Quick & Easy Categorization System For Identifying & Calculating Your Rehab Costs
System to Determine Repair Cost Estimates

System to Determine Repair Cost Estimates

I have come up with a categorization for the repairs needed in any of my buy, fix, and sell properties.  It has made the evaluation of prospect wholesale properties from a repair sense very easy to see and calculate out.  I figured I would share it with you and see if it might help you streamline and even simplify how you evaluate and determine your repair costs when you are writing up offers ofwholesale  properties you plan on flipping.I see distressed property repairs as fitting into three main categories:

  • Low – paint, flooring, & clean up
  • Medium – paint, flooring, clean up, bathroom, & kitchen remodeling
  • Major – paint, flooring, clean up, bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, new HVAC system ,new roof, foundation issues, major plumbing, major rewiring or electrical conversions, asbestos, meth contamination, major mold issues, new facade, new windows throughout, moving walls inside, rectifying code violations, bringing a converted garage back to a garage.

When I group the repairs into these gruops it is a very quick and easy evaluation that I can make as to the amount the repairs will cost and whether the property is of interest or not.  I have been able to identify ranges for the cost per square foot for the repairs in each of these categories for each area I am making offers and doing the repairs.  I arrived at these numbers by taking completed rehabs from each of categoreis for repairs identified above and taking the total rehab cost divided by the living square feet of the property.  The result was a cost per square foot that gave me a range to use as a multiplier for my offers.  For example, in one area that I make offers in on a regular basis my low is $8-$10 a sq ft, medium is $11 -$14 a sq ft, and major is $15-$20 a sq ft.  It has made making offers on multiple properties a very easy and streamlined process.  I have been able to be a lot more accurate on my offers so more get accepted too.  You will find that from area to area, you will have different finishing touches, labor costs, and material costs that might cause these numbers to fluctuate.  If you do the first few offers item per item cacluations and then you go back and categorize them and divide by the square feet of the property, you will be able to identify the dollars per square foot for that are too.

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Successfully Sell Rehabbed Properties to Retail Buyers Using a Streamlined System
Rehab Property

System to Rehab Property

If you are looking to get into buying wholesale properties, fixing them up, and them selling them to retail buyers aka owner occupant buyers, you will have great success in moving your rehabbed properties quickly and profitably if you have a system in place.From area to area, I see that there are norms that most rehabbers do and certain things that they put into their properties.   Essentially, these rehabbers have a system that they put into place and use from property to property.  You will find that you will have less mistakes, less down time, and shorter learning curves if you standarise your rehabs.  What do I mean by standardise?  You have set a standard for the types of repairs you will do, what you will touch and what you will not, system for what is done when and what you will put into each of your rehabbed houses.

Most of the rehabbers I know have a comfort zone (aka business plan) that they stay within for their repairs.  Many of them will do the typical rehab of cleaning, painting, installing new flooring, remodeling the kitchen and bathroom, and do some landscaping and put the rehabbed property back on the market.  In this example,  many of them have specific color schemes, materials, and finishing touches that they use from property to property.  Essentially, they have created a system they apply to each wholesale property they buy, fix, and sell.  It takes the mystery out of types of repairs to be done and quality of work to be completed.  It will speed up the process of completing the rehab, because your crews will be use to installation of the materials and what the expectation is for the final product.  It will keep the amount of mistakes down too.  A system for rehab will allow your rehab project to still progress even without you involved in the day to day.  The best part about having a system in place for your rehabs is that your cost and time to do the rehab will be dialed into a set amount.  It will help you stay on budget and maintain consistent profit margins.  It will allow you to do more deals too.

I have a certain color scheme, sheen, and product we use on each property.  We have a set cabinet, countertop, and appliance package that we put into each of our properties. The bathroom is a consistent package too.  Where we put certain types of flooring, the colors, and the manufacturers are all set too.  We have certain timeframes designated for our contractors to come in and complete certain types of repairs.  These are all norms that are part of and essential to our rehab system.

As you can see, if you have a system in place for your rehab projects, you will reduce stress, increase turn around time, maintain budgets, and improve profitability.  It will make it easier for your real estate agent to market and sell it.  It will be easier for your contractors to envision the transformation and see what needs to be done to meet your expectations.  My advise is to find your groove, train your team, and manage your system for success in rehabbing properties.

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New & Seasoned Real Estate Investors Be Aware of These Factors When Investing inTurnkey Rental Properties
TurnKey Rentals

TurnKey Rentals

I travel into quite a few real estate markets each month.  I have seen a lot of amazing things over the last two years.  One of the trends that has grown aggressively in popularity is the process of buying inexpensive and distressed properties, fixing them up, and renting them out with property management in place.  There are a lot of real estate markets where these properties are then offered as turnkey rentals to seasoned or inexperienced real estate investors.Do you know why turnkey rentals are more prevelant in less expensive real estate markets?  The reason is because these rental properties will not offer enough profit to a traditional rehabber,  if they were bought, fixed up, and  sold to retail buyers.  Retail buyers are not willing to pay that much for a home like that in that market all fixed up.  However, if these properties are bought, fixed up, and rented out, they can be sold to real estate investors for more than their current retail value.  An income generating property is valued by the amount of income it can produce, instead of sold comparables like a regular rehabbed properties  sold to retail buyers.  The demand for rental properties has caused a increase in the amount of rent that can be generated in any  hit hard by the economy.  Due to the economic shift, we have seen a lot of “use to be “retail buyers lose their homes to foreclosure, plus many are underemployed now or have had periods of unemployment in these areas to make matters worse.  Plus, the lending criteria is a lot more strict too.  It all creates a very strong and steadily increasing demand for rental properties.

There are a lot of credible and ethical companies that are providing turnkey rentals, but there are a lot that are not too.  I want to identify a few items to look into before you buy a turnkey rental, so you can make sure you are getting a good solid investment.  Here are some items to check into or request from the party selling the amazing turnkey rental to you.

  • You need to make sure that you see a track history of rents coming in on the property for at least three months preferrably six months
  • You want to make sure there is a verifiable lease agreement for the current and existing tenant
  • You want to make sure that there is documentation showing there was a legitimate background and credit check performed on the current tenant
  • You want to make sure that you have an extensive title search done to make sure that the turnkey rental has a free and clear title.
  • You want to verify that there are not any current building code or zoning violations on the turnkey rental and that it can be used in the manor that is being offered.
  • You want to verify that the repairs stated and condition presented is valid and true.
  • You want to make sure you do a background search on the property management company and ask for referrals to verify their service and work.  I would recommend doing an online search too.
  • You would be helping yourself to do some of your own real estate market research.  You should call a few local property management companies to request information about the local vacancy rate, security deposits, & rental amounts for a property similar in all ways to your possible turnkey rental.
  • You should ask for sold comparables for like properties in the area to compare what retail buyers are buying properties for in the area versus what the current asking price is on the turnkey rental.

All of these items will show whether you are truly buying a sound investment or not.  It is simply good practice to do this amount of due diligence on any income generating property.  Please do not let a high pressure sales person cause you to disregard these things and miss some of the items you must verify.   It will protect you from walking into a real estate nightmare.

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Real Estate Investors Build Your Cash Buyers List Using Facebook – Part 2

Social networking has come into the real estate investing world with a vengence.  It was a slow ramp up, but now I cannot imagine being in the real estate investing business without using facebook, linkedin, Youtube, and Twitter. If you are not using at least one of these services, you are missing out on great opportunities to network with like minded individuals and colleagues in real estate, other entrpreneurs, funding sources, and even reach motivated sellers , retail buyers, or even renters.

ThseYou will gain access to real estate deals you would not have normally known about or even find funding options that normally you would not have known existed.  Simply by joining like minded groups on facebook and linkedin you are gaining I have the opportuity to see who the current members are of the group and network with them. In many cases, you will see who the best connections are in the group by what they are posting  in the groups discussion page or be able to see their public profile information.

I have joined groups and approached various members within the group to network with by allowing me into their network on Linkedin or be accepted as a friend on Facebook.  People are more receptive to and willing to allow a person into their network if they know that they are members of the same group, even if you have never connected there before or even met in person.  It is a lot easier to build your cash buyers list for example on Facebook or Linkedin this way.  It will help you avoid having your account shut down for “spamming” others  or being restricted as to what functions and the requests you can make to be included into someones network or friends.

The steps to building a cash buyers list on Facebook includes the following:  First, you will need to create a facebook account.  I recommend creating a separate business profile from your personal profile on facebook.  Second, You will want to make sure your profile includes verbage that talks about real estate investing, buying and selling houses, etc.  If you have this in the initial section of your profile, you will have a better chance of your friend request being accepted by a fellow real estate professional in your local area.  Third, you will want to post a few times  in each of the group discussion sections, so people in the group start to recognize your name and what you do.  Fourth, you will go through the discussion threads in the group  and identify people who look like they are actively looking for real estate properties or wholesale properties, offer turnkey rentals, offer construction assistance for major rehab projects, or financing for the properties they are selling.  Fiffth,  Once, you have identified these people you will then send friend requests to them with the following information in the friend request section “Hi…. I am a fellow member of the ————- group.  I am a real estate investor who is looking to network with felllow real estate professionals.  I hope you accept my friend request and we can talk sooon and see how we might be able to work together.   Talk with you soon, ——————.”   Finally, you will go back through the list of people who have accepted your friend request and start connecting with them about real estate related activites……whether it is what they want to buy as a cash buyer or what they are willing to fund as a private money lender.

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