Best Way to Capture Your Cash Buyers Attention When Selling Your Wholesale RENTAL Properties

Best Way to Capture Your Cash Buyers Attention When Selling Your Wholesale RENTAL Properties

I have seen many different ways that wholesalers offer their wholesale RENTAL property information to their cash buyers.  Some of these offerings have been less then effective in their ability to capture a cash buyers attention and truly convey the numbers that make the deal work.  The fact is that if you do not give your cash buyers enough information about the property, you will simply not get anyone biting on your wholesale RENTAL properties.  If you are struggling with getting your cash buyers to pull the trigger or even show any interest on your wholesale properties.  Cash buyers want to limit the amount of time they spend doing due diligence and how much credibility they see in your ability to evaluate and find great wholesale RENTAL properties.  You must include some key ingredients of the wholesale deal to your cash buyers.  Here is an example of the crucial ingredients to include in your emails, youtube posts, website posts, etc to cash buyers who are going to RENT the property:

  • Property Location ( General area = not un der contract) (Address = under contract)
  • Property Characteristics (Property type, beds, baths, sq ft, amenities, etc)
  • Gross Monthly Rents
  • Total Monthly Operating Expenses (Property Management, Maintenance, Taxes, Insurance, Vacancy Rate, HOA, Utilities, etc)
  • Repair Cost Estimate
  • Summary of Types of Repairs Needed to Rent for Top Dollar
  • Under Contract Price or Price to Buy Property Wholesale
  • Cap Rate
  • Listing of the RENTAL Comps Used to Arrive the Gross Monthly Rents
  • Your Fee
  • Your Contact Information
  • Youtube Video Link
  • Online Photo Album Link

If you provide this level and amount of information they will be more readily able to see the potential of the wholesale deal and be that much more confident in pursuing it with you and paying your fee for the deal.

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