Bandit Sign Placement that Gets the Phone Ringing

Bandit Sign Placement that Gets the Phone Ringing


Bandit Signs Get Motivated Sellers Calling

Bandit Signs Get Motivated Sellers Calling

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen new real estate investors make is where they place their bandit signs.  Many times I hear them say that these signs don’t work or they keep on getting taken down soon after they place them.  It is not that the bandit sign is not effective, instead it is where they are placed that is ineffective. 

First, you must place them in the surrounding  areas of where you plan on buying real estate.  You want the people who live in these areas calling you to sell their home or to buy a home. 

Next, you should place these bandit signs in locations where people stop for a period of time or travel no faster than 25 MHP, so we can ensure they will see, read and respond to our bandit signs.  You will find that intersections, stop lights and signs, off ramps, and on bends of roads are the most effective locations to place these. It is advised that you place your signs near or around stop signs or telephone poles, but not on them.  I have found that in many areas if they are attached to these you will have a greater chance of them being taken down by city employees.  You could place these signs up high on the telephone pole, so it is not easy to take down too. 

Also, the placement of your signs will impact their effectiveness and their ability to remain in that location.  You will find some areas have restrictions on the placement of signs in their jurisdiction.  You will want to make sure that your signs are not too densely placed either or else you will run the risk of  gaining the attention of the city employees too. 

In addition to those suggestions, you will want to place them in locations where your target audience will go on a regular basis.  You will want to figure out where your prospects will go to shop, eat or drive by on a regular basis. For instance, you might notice that they go to Walmart, Target, McDonalds, Home Depot, AutoZone frequently.  You could even focus on more of the local establishments such as the  Local Bar, Local Eatery, High School Stadium, Local Gym, or City Buildings. 

Finally, it is inevitabile that you are going to lose a few signs along the way to weather and people taking them down from their property.  You will need to buy or create in bulk your bandit signs.  You will need to place at least 15 to 30 signs at a time.   It is a numbers game.  The number of bandit signs placed, the amount that are visible at any given time, and the ease of reading will all help ensure that your target audience sees and calls your bandit signs. 

In the blog titled, Creating Effective Bandit Signs,  I address how to put these signs together and what verbage to place on your bandit signs to get your phone ringing with motivated sellers and buyers looking for a lease option or seller financing. 


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