Are You Struggling To Find Wholesale Properties To Buy Or Pass Onto Your Cash Buyers? I Have The Answer

Are You Struggling To Find Wholesale Properties To Buy Or Pass Onto Your Cash Buyers? I Have The Answer
Referrals For Property Leads

Referrals For Property Leads

As I travel throughout the country, I have found quite a few real estate markets that have heated up quite a bit and there is a lack of listed inventory available.  Please note that I said LISTED inventory, I did not say inventory.  Those real estate investors and cash buyers who have been investing in real estate throughout the gibs and flows of different real estate markets know how to find property no matter what is going on in the real estate market.  If you are new to real estate investing or you forgot how to find non listed properties for sale, I wanted to give you some insight as to what I use to locate properties in any real estate market.

  • Barbers & Hairstylist
  • Bartenders
  • Mail Delivery Drivers
  • Utility Workers – Electric, Gas, & Water
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Credit Repair Companies
  • Hospice Nurses & Organizations
  • Funeral Directors & Estate Planners
  • Home Insurance & Medicare Insurance Agents
  • Disaster Restoration Companies
  • Surveyors
  • Food Delivery & Other Delivery
  • Mediation Companies
  • Landscapers & Lawn Care

I have placed just a small list of the people that you can network with to build a very steady and profitable flow of motivated distressed property sellers.  If you offer these folks a referral fee for every lead that they give you that you close on, you will have an army of bird dogs referring wholesale properties to you.  It is a great way to gain an advantage over your compeition and leverage other peoples time & contacts.  You will be able to make more money faster than most and pass properties onto cash buyers for a nice profit, because the cash buyers are not use to having to search for proeprties and in some cases they are unwilling to do the work necessary to find wholesale property leads on their own.

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  • Zack Smith says:

    What problems can a wholesaler experience when working with a realtor?

    • Nolan says:


      One problem you might run into is a realtor who only works with retail/ owner occupant type buyers. They are not use to our aggressive offers that are below retail. They are not use to the way that we will close deals and they will not have the professional resources we will need to complete our wholesale deals. They will resist the work you ask them to do to make accurate offers and they will not want to make so many offers to get one accepted, because they are use to people offering and paying retail. They will not be knowledgeable in the market place from an investor perspective.

  • Zack Smith says:

    Thank Nolan

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