Are You Building A Cash Buyers List? Know What To Expect When You Call.

Are You Building A Cash Buyers List? Know What To Expect When You Call.

If you are a real estate investor or a real estate wholesaler, you will probably be building a cash buyers list at some point in time in your career.  Do you know what to expect from that conversation?  Do you know what information you need to acquire from that conversation?  I want to help you make sure your conversations are effective and that you are not thrown off by the responses you receive.

The core information you must gather is the following:

  • Where do they want to invest?
  • What do they want to invest in?
  • What price point do they want to buy at?
  • How many are they buying a month?
  • What is their exit strategy?
  • What types of repairs are they not willing to do?
  • How much profit do they want?

You will know what their perfect deals looks like and feels like.  You will know what they will buy.  Anyone who runs their real estate investing business like an actual business will be able to tell you very specific criteria for the properties they typically buy.  If the conversation becomes awkward or seems to not be going anywhere, then you probably are speaking with someone who does not have clearly defined investment criteria or is new to the real estate investment business.  In this case, you need to move on and not waste your time with this person, who will waste your time.

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  • josuez says:

    i am new to the whole concept . ive bought my first two rentals with my own cash that i saved while in the military.. im receiving a monthly income but now i find my self seeking a cash investor, i never understood the point factor can you explain

    • Nolan says:

      First off congrats on your current rentals! Next, cash buyers are people who are professional real estate investors. Essentially they have established a system by which they actively buy real estate for a profit in a given real estate market. There are three different categories or types of cash buyer 1. Rehabber who buys, fixes and sells properties within 6 months or less for a net profit to people who can obtain financing and will live in the property, 2. Landlords buy and hold onto the property for 5 -30 yrs while receiving monthly income and tax benefits as they rent the property out, 3. Cash flow investors who buy, fix, and finance a home via seller financing or a lease option. These people use their own cash, private lenders, hard money lenders, and financial institutions to fund their acquisition, repair, and holding costs for their properties. Cash buyers make it their business to buy and profit from real estate, thus they are less emotional about the deal and if the numbers meet their criteria they will buy the property from you. They are a source to pass deals onto and make money for wholesaling those deals onto them. They want as many deals as they can handle. Cash buyers are a great place to pass on and profit from deals you would normally walk away from, only if the deal meets the cash buyers criteria of course.

  • Verka says:

    I’m new to the wholesale purchase/sale process and am looking to build a buyers list so that I am able to take those wholesale deals and close quickly. How do I build this list when the info expresses that being new is a waste of time and to move on. I need that list for experience and growth.

  • says:

    I want to be able to wholesale a property with someone who has it under contract only if that is possible ?

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