Angel Investors AKA Private Investors for Real Estate Deals

Angel Investors AKA Private Investors for Real Estate Deals

What is an Angel Investor?  An Angel investor as an affluent individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Sometimes angel investors will pool their money to give themselves a larger capital pool of funds.  From time to time, they are looking to diversify their investments from start up businesses to investing in real estate ventures. 

You may want to go and pitch your ideas where angel investors gather. Here are some places where angel investors come and those looking for funding can come and pitch their business plans.

There are a number of expectations you need to discuss with your potential angel.  First, you should find their motivation.  Especially in real estate, many may simply be lacking the time necessary to find deals.  You must know how much the angel wants to be involved and what value you are bringing to the investor.  You must be able to show him clearly why his money is best in your hands despite the risks.

Real estate seems intuitive to many people, and therefore they will want to understand in more detail exactly how you plan to generate returns for them.  Remember throughout the process that raising money, especially large amounts, takes time.

Be sure to have a strong business plan and describe what makes your business idea stand apart:
Angel Capital Association
Angel’s Forum
Band of Angels
Common Angels
Keiretsu Forum
Launchpad Venture Group
New World Angels
Robin Hood Ventures (charges $250)

Go Big Network 

Most angel investors require very high returns to offset the high risks they assume.  If you are planning a business that will bring you a large amount of income personally but will not generate millions of dollars in revenue or grow extremely quickly, then you may have trouble attracting investors.  They may want to see 30% returns on their money per annum.


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  • Lenell Leach says:

    Im asking for 23000 thats tweenty percent of an investment property, this property yeilds seven thousand monthly and listed only about 160000 this is only one of many oppertunities in this area im looking for investers thank you for your time.

  • Joan Marie says:

    I am looking for an Investor to fully fund my first home purchase & rehab expenses for flipping. Once I succeed I would ask to be helped with the next house or two until I can save enough cash down to be able to mortgage the next or if this works it can continue as is. I am a hard dedicated person & I have a reliable Realtor in place & a great team set up but lack the funds. I have researched to the max on area homes & especially for local contractors with the best reputation & pricing. My first buys will not be over the top as to get a feel for things. Approx 80,000 – 100,000 to include purchase, rehab, & quite fees. Profit after sale would be approximately 15,000 – 25,000 on these homes & then in time move on to bigger homes/investments.

    If this catches your interest & your willing to give me a chance or provided information that may help me please respond .Opened for terms but can offer 1/2 the profit I make on each home. I will answer all questions, supply information needed/business summary & give references. I am middle aged, young at heart, street smart & a go getter. I am so looking forward to this new stage in my life & building this into a sucessful business. I live in Ormond Beach, FL.

    The community is delightful. I am looking for the smaller bungalow homes (800 – 1,000 sq ft) in the area within walking distance to the river, beach or both to start out with. Thank you for your time & consideration in this matter, Joan Marie

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