4 Ways to Find Real Estate Investor Friendly Real Estate Agents in Any Market

4 Ways to Find Real Estate Investor Friendly Real Estate Agents in Any Market

I travel nationwide looking for wholesale properties.  In each of these markets, I have used these techniques to find real estate investor friendly agents. There are alot of different ways to find real estate agents, but I will focus on the top four ways to find them quickly in this article:

  • When you attend a real estate investment club, you will find many real estate agents who are investor friendly or real estate investors themselves.  It is a great way to quickly find these agents.
  • You will find real estate agents who have duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes and income or investment properties listed for sale.  They will advertise these properties in the free real estate magazines in grocery store hallways, on the public version of the MLS, and posted on craigslist and other free clasified ad listing services.
  • Do a search on craigslist and search for the keywords “fixer upper”, “handyman special”, Investment property”, “income property”, “investors dream”, “cash buyers”, or “cashflow property”.  In the search results, you will find that there will be listings with the words “owner” or “broker” after the headline.  You want the listings with one of these keywrods in the heading and the word “broker” after it.  These are real estate agents who more readily than others are working with real estate investors.  It is a great place to start. 
  • You can go to www.realtor.com, go to the “find a realtor or real estate office” link and click.  Once you are in there, you will select “companies only” and enter the area you want to find a real estate agent in.  You wil find a list of the office in that area.  You will call the main office number during business hours.  You will need to state something like this ” Hi, my name is__________, I am a real estate investor who is new to this area, I was wondering if you could refer me to an agent who specializes in working with real estate investors”.  They should put you in contact with the person in the office who is the most well versed in working with real estate investors in that area.  In some cases, it will be a person who has no clue, because they are the “floor agent”, but you will learn quickly through a series of questions that I will go through in another article if they are or aren’t a well versed and experienced real estate agent who works with real estate investors. 

If you implement some of these techniqus, you will find that you will find plenty of real estate investor friendly agents to work with in any area and any real estate market.  Please come check out my post that discusses the way you can approach real estate agents.  It wil help you learn quickly how to narrow down whether you found the right real estate agent or not.  After all, time is money, so why waste time and effort on someone who will not be able to help you make money in real estate.  In some cases, the wrong agent will discourage you and hinder you from making those amazing wholesale deals happen.  We need our real estate agents to be working with us.  A great real estate agent for our business will know where investors can find great deals, what a great deal is in that area, how to structure those deals, have contacts in the local area to help close those deals, and provide us with all the information and resources we need to make the most profitable and reasonable offer on our investment properties. 


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